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Welcome to Liverpool Yoga Studios or LYS as we like to call it. We are a yoga and fitness hub based on the outskirts of Liverpool City Centre.

LYS has a state of the art heating and ventilation system along side one of the largest Studio’s in merseyside with the Hot Room being a huge 50ft space! We have over 10 showers in both the male and female changing rooms so there is plenty of space for members to distance and still be able to enjoy their experience!

During Lock-down LYS created its very own On-Line Studio and we will continue to grow this platform to provide members with the ability to practice both at the studio and at home for free!!! We will also be making the Online Studio available to those whom do not wish to practice at the studio for just £14.99per month!

LYS On Demand provides Members with access to over a 200 pre-recorded yoga & fitness videos for them to practice in the comfort of their own home at their own time!

Both at the Studio and On-line we have specialist classes including Meditation, Backbending, Hip Mobility and Journaling!

We have Fitness Classes including Strength & Conditioning, HIIT, Legs Bums & Tum’s, Dance Fitness, Pilates and even Virtual Spin!!

New Members are welcome and can join the LYS Online Community for just £14.99 for one months access!!!

Are you ready to join the LYS Family!




What can you find at Liverpool Yoga Studios & LYS OnLine

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Sivananda Flow
  • HIIT
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Pilates
  • Legs Bums & Tums
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Yin
  • Meditation
  • Kundalini
  • Spin
  • Hot Spin
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Aerial Restore

Who should try our classes

Absolutely everyone!!

Our classes welcome everyone and we truly mean that!

LYS  is designed for all ages and all abilities. Our teaching community is full of experience and they welcome beginners and seasoned yogi’s alike into their classes. Our community at LYS is welcoming and encouraging, you will never feel anxious or intimated within our space! LYS is a hub of wellness and community that embraces each and every member! Our Fitness team are simply the best! They bring professionalism, fun and dynamic workout to LYS!

LYS Online classes are easy to follow and each class has a description which gives you an indication of what the class will be like!

Our classes are fun and personable! We are a family run business with so many amazing teachers and members! Our community is vibrant and supportive, which is exactly what we need during these challenging times!

Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Spin, Strength & Conditioning, Aerial Classes

See our Schedule Below!





👍 Correct & 👎 Incorrect. Make sure you have the correct form by practicing infront of a mirror. ⁠

Correct✅: ⁠

Shoulders relaxed away from the ears, arms parallel to the floor & engaged , right knee directly over ankle, hips open to the sides and pelvis in neutral, knife edge of left foot pressed into the floor, gaze over right middle finger, belly in ⁠

In Correct:❌ ⁠

Arms not engaged & shoulders tense, right knee forward of right ankle, lower back flattened, hip collapses forward.⁠

Happy Thursday!⁠

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This exercise is called box breathing. Next time you’re feeling stressed, try this: ⁠

💖 Inhale for 4.⁠
❤️ Hold for 4.⁠
🧡 Exhale for 4. ⁠
💛 Hold for 4. ⁠

Repeat. ☝️⁠
#exhale #breathe #yoga #selfregulation #fitness #lifestylemedicine #healthyliving #mindful #mindfulness #clarity

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Inject some energy in to your day with these simple poses. If you're feeling the afternoon slump, or want a burst of evening energy, these simple movements will have you feeling refreshed in no time 💫⁠

#health #healthy #energy #fitfam #fitness #workout #gymlife #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogapractice

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It's a new week 🌤 Let's smash it!!

Who will be joining our classes this week? If you're a newbie, we've got you - join our classes with a 14 day free trial and take everything at your own pace. We'll be right there with you.

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Welcome to the LYS Family ✨

LYS Life : Online, Ondemand & LIVE Yoga, Fitness,Pilates, Meditation Classes

Liverpool Yoga Studios: Hot, Non Hot, Aerial yoga, Spin Classes, Pilates, Strength & Conditioning classes, Hot HIIT

We’ve been helping people look after their mental and physical health for 10 Years.

Our community of members is the jewel 💎 in the crown. It’s full of the best, most amazing people we could ever think of, all supporting each other along the way!

To our new members ‘welcome’ and our existing crew ‘thank you ‘🙏🏻♥️

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Do you sometimes feel like your goals and dreams aren't big enough? Dreaming big is great, but our smaller goals can often be just as, if not more rewarding. it's the little things. Some of our goals include:

- Becoming the healthiest version of ourselves.

- Exploring new places - not just overseas but locally too, you never know what is hiding on your doorstep!

- Regularly exercising & stretching not to look good, but to feel good 💪

What are your goals for this year? Here’s some of ours 👈🏻

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How To Half Leg Forward Fold ✅-❌


Correct: Inhale to lengthen up through the spine and activate your lower abbs draw your belly in and up, to help lengthen the lower spine and loosen the hips, relax you shoulders and flex your foot to release the hamstring.


Incorrect: Do not round foward to reach the foot and collapse in the belly, take it slowly and you will get more benefits from the stretch, rather than trying to go too far too soon 🙏 patience all is coming ❤️

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We don't know who needs to hear this, but you deserve to take a break. Sit alone with your thoughts for 30 minutes, read a chapter in a book, listen to some music - whatever makes you feel calm.

We can't function at our best when we are constantly rushed off our feet.

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Research has shown that being by the water can reduce stress, our heart & breathing rate and improve our overall wellbeing - and that's any body of water too; lakes, rivers, swimming pools etc. If you've ever practiced yoga by the ocean you'll know that it leaves you feeling extra relaxed and refreshed 💧 ...

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You never know until to you try!!

It’s so true but how often will we take the chance. 2020 taught us that we have to adapt and we have to try things maybe in a different way or try something completely new!

Thank you so much for this amazing feedback ⭐️✨💯

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Benefits of a Head Stand by @danieo76 ✨

*Helps to relieve stress by flushing out the adrenal glands.

*Improves & increase blood flow to the head & eyes.

*Helps with digestion.

*Stimulates the lymphatic system.

*Helps reduce water retention in the feet & ankles.

*Helps to strengthen the core spine arms & shoulders.

Left 👎🏾

This alignment is what most of us will do when first practicing headstands..
Core & spine not engaged, tailbone is not tucked, hips & bum behind the shoulders, weight is more in the head & neck.

Right 👍🏾

This alignment is what we aim for...
Core & spine fully engaged, tailbone is tucked and the weight is more in the arms & shoulders.

Love Dan 💗

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Our why? 💯👈🏻

Our members are everything to us and receiving feedback like this makes our hearts fill with joy! Having our physical studio doors closed due to lockdowns we feel the pain of being unable to bring our community together but we cherish our online platform for giving us the opportunity to do it virtually ✨

Welcoming a special someone to yoga for the first time is an absolute honour! We are so gratefully and feel privileged that this member trusted us and began their journey with us 🙌🏼✨

Such lovely feedback for our beautiful @yoga.megs

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Check your plank 👈🏻

A good plank has so many amazing benefits for the body!

⭐️Strengthens Your Core
⭐️Increases Muscle Definition
⭐️Heightens Metabolism
⭐️Reduces Back Pain
⭐️Gives You Better Posture
⭐️Improves Balance
⭐️Boosts Mood and Relieves Stress

Like with any posture/exercise practiced the wrong way, can lead to discomfort, injury and the full benefits not being felt.

Here’s our beauty @danielle.p_pt showing us the correct and most common incorrect posture.

Incorrect posture pic ❌

Hips to high, shoulders not in line with the elbows, core not engaged.

Correct posture pic ✅

Spine aligned, core engaged, shoulders in line with elbows.

Happy planking everyone!! 👏🏼✨

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Self care is so much more than having a bubble bath and lighting the candels (although we love these things too!)

To us, self care is all about forming new positive habits and repeating them until they eventually just become part of our daily routine.

Join our commuity and like the rest of the LYS family, we will help you incorporate fitness, mindfulness and yoga in to your dailly life - no matter how busy you are. Your first 2 weeks are completely free (link in bio) 💫

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"We're sharing the love this Valentines Day and are giving 5 lucky followers the chance to win a pilates ring! To enter:
- Follow Us (if you aren't already)
- Tag 3 friends.
- Share this post on your story for extra entry.

*Competition ends 14th March*"

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We can't wait to practice our moves by the sea again. Where is everyone planning on going once we're allowed? ...

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Here’s our YouTube Channel

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