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Members Only GYM coming soon!


Thursdays 6pm 💪🏽

Firstly it’s hot 🥵, secondly it’s a combo of your classic fitness and yoga moves! It’s dynamic, strength if building, burns tones of calories (if you put the effort in 😜) and is a vibe 💪🏽

Welcomes all abilities, ran by @estellelyslife

Drop ins welcome, book via link in bio! 🔥

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Peace ☮️

Love ❤️

LYS 🙌🏼

Celebrate your tribe, their uniqueness and their courage 🤗

We love this pic of @a_poetic_yogi 🤩

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The end of the ‘Weight Loss’ plan (August pic on the right) and the start of the ‘Build & Tone’ plan (September pic on the left)

The aim of the LYS plans are for you to achieve your weight loss goal and now we have the progression, with ‘Build & Tone’

LYS manager @vicky_lyslife achieved her weight loss goal and now is deep into week 2 of the build and tone plan with @matty_jona_ & @estellelyslife

The ‘build & tone’ is a 6-12 week transformation plan that involves shaping and building muscle.

The food plan is autonomous, your work out schedule structured with top class coaching from @matty_jona_ 💪🏽

So here’s Vicky’s start pic so let’s see the transformation at the end of the first 6 weeks.

If you would like more information or would like to follow Vicky’s journey be sure to give her a follow on insta 🙏🏻 If you have any questions drop us a DM 🙌🏼

Good luck @vicky_lyslife ♥️💯

Presale mailing list now open, drop us your email if you would like to be added 💪🏽

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Registrations are now open 😱

Get FIT and Sober with us this October and help raise funds for the Macmillan Charity!

Whether you love a drink, smoke…what ever your vice, why not challenge yourself to go clean for 31 days.

Whether you struggle with habits, addictions, binges or not, your body and mind will thank you for an entire 31 days clean.

The plan contains🙌🏼
>31 Days Nutrition Plan
>31 Days Workouts in person or LIVe depending on your location
>Access to 100s on demand workout videos
>Support to stay clean for the month focusing on cravings, mental health, social relationships and community ✅
> Weekend social activities to keep us all busy!

The plan is £30 - 10% of all plans go to Macmillan plus you can join our sober team ran by @vicky_lyslife and get sponsored also!!

Let’s do this, let’s head into this winter the happiest and healthiest we can be, whilst helping those with cancer!

Benefits of going sober,

>increased energy
>better sleep
>clearer mind
>healthier body

Tag and share away!! 🙌🏼✅💯♥️💪🏽

Link in bio

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Pilates tomorrow 10am 💪🏽♥️

Here’s a few moves from our Pilates queen @danielle.p_pt we can’t wait for class tomorrow, who’s coming?♥️💪🏽

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How are you spending your Friday night? 💭

Tonight the studios have been busy and now it’s time for us to chill and relax 🙏🏻

Happy Friday Everyone!


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Here we go 🥊

2 weeks to go 😜 for BOX in the 40degree humid heat at LYS 😱

We are so excited to be offering this boxing inspired circuit equipped with 20 Aqua Bags and brand new circuit equipment!


Keep an eye to the schedule to get you space booked ✅

Current Studio intro offer £30 for 30 days starts from date of first class not date of booking.

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She’s back 💯💯🙌🏼♥️

@jolyonsy is back in the hot room tomorrow at 10am with FG60 🤩

FG60 is a strong and fun class that welcomes all abilities! It will give your body the workout it deserves and your mind the chillax it needs 🙌🏼

We can’t wait, make sure to book your space in class!

Drop Ins welcome £7:50

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Have you seen @lys_sober_social_ 💪🏽

LYS Sober Social is a brand new account that has been created and will be ran by:


This accounts supports all those who are living, looking to, are curious about, need help to, want to….leave behind a negative relationship (no matter how big or small) with alcohol, recreational drugs and cigarettes.

Our stories are all unique and recently we discovered the courage to dig deep and share our thoughts, struggles, remedies and hope with others.

The sober life does not need to be lonely, it does not need to be full of labels and self hate or anxiety. It can be bright, collective, hopeful and inspiring.

This week the girls have shared their stories and about why they are wanting to help others.

LYS Studio’s will be fundraising and focusing for the GoSober and Stoptober charities this October!

Our first step is to run a special 31 Day Plan which is a version of our FIT Plan but based on helping people go sober for the month of October!

If you would like to join in follow our link in bio for more details or drop us a DM!

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Who’s coming to Bikram tomorrow at 10am?



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Sports Massage at LYS with @movement_and_maintenance

Ste has officially started and has appointments available 💯🙌🏼 . All active LYS members get an amazing 10% discount if the below prices ⬇️

First Treatment Consultation & Express Sports Massage: £35 (60 minutes)
First Treatment Consultation & Full Sports Massage:£55 (90 minutes)

Pre-Work-Out Warm- Up Massage:£15 (15 minutes)
Full Sports Massage: £40 (60 minutes)
Express Sports Massage: £25 (30 minutes)
Post Work-Out Cool Down Massage: £15 (15 minutes)

Post Treatment with Soft Tissue Massage: £25 (30 minutes) £40 (60 minutes)

Follow Up Massage: £23.50 (30 minutes) £38.50 (60 minutes)

Packages: 4 x Express Sport Massages £85
4 x Full Sport Massages £140

Drop Ste a DM to book your appointment ✔️

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Wednesdays 10am Yin with Paul Wooding 💯

These sessions will involve a combination of stillness and fluid movement. The emphasis always on comfort and ease of movement as opposed to perfecting prescribed shapes. This means that the classes will always be adaptable for individual differences and the wonderful variety of students that every class brings forth.

The 'How' (we move) is much more important the 'What' (pose we practice) in all these sessions. For me, the length of time in a Yin pose is much less important than the preparation for finding comfort in any given pose.

Suitable for Everyone, Drop in’s welcome £7:50

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Day 1 of the September LYS Plan 💯🙌🏼

Today has been full of,

~Goal setting
~New habit creating
~New experiences

The LYS FIT Plan is more than just a weight loss plan it’s a journey, a journey with the most amazing community supporting you along the way!!

Well done @_ainem._ for starting the plan with Hot Spin today at 12:00 🔥

You still have one more week to join the plan! DM for more info

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Ours girls back in the Hot Room 🔥

Brand New Yoga Class today 10am 💯

A dynamic full body flow designed to physically challenge you, combining breath with movement whilst utilising the heat to release tension, build strength and improve flexibility. As you move deeper into your physical practice, creating flexibility with intention, focus, patience and strength is essential. Our aim is that you will leave this class feeling more open and totally balanced.

Drop ins available £7:50


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Sometimes the only thing you need is a feeling ⭐️🤩⭐️

Happy Saturday Everyone ☀️

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Cheers 🥂

Nothing like some sparkling water and lemon 🍋 after a gorgeous class 🙌🏼

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Welcome to the LYS Online Family @matty_jona_ 🙌🏼

Get ready to ‘Build, Shred & Rip ’ this October with this brand new body transforming plan. Do you want to define your body more? Maybe you want to build but don’t know how? Well we can help!!

Matty has been in the fitness industry since 2006 when he graduated with his Sports & Exercise Science Degree. He’s a PT, a trainer of trainee PTs and has even ran a government scheme supporting mental health & exercise for youths in South Wales. Matty is an expert in all things fitness from trx, kettlebells, circuit training, MMA/Boxfit.

Matty joins the LYS Family Online to lead a brand new plan.

This online plan is designed for those who are looking to transform their body with;

💯Disciplined Workout Schedule
💯Gym & Bodyweight Plan Options
💯Strict Nutrition Plan
💯Zoom Coaching from Matty

Drop us a DM to be added to our mailing list to hear more details. This plan will have limited numbers, so , turn your notifications on 🙌🏼

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What can you find at Liverpool Yoga Studios & LYS OnLine

  • Beginner Friendly HOT Yoga
  • Intense & Dynamic HOT Yoga
  • HOT Circuit Classes
  • HOT Strength & Conditioning
  • HOT Boxing Circuits (coming October 2021)
  • Pilates
  • NonHot Weekend Yoga
  • Restorative HOT Yoga
  • HOT Spin Classes
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Members Only GYM COMING OCTOBER 2021
  • Personal Trainers

Who should try our classes

Absolutely everyone!!

Our classes welcome everyone and we truly mean that!

LYS  is designed for all ages and all abilities. Our teaching community is full of experience and they welcome beginners and seasoned yogi’s alike into their classes. Our community at LYS is welcoming and encouraging, you will never feel anxious or intimated within our space! LYS is a hub of wellness and community that embraces each and every member! Our Fitness team are simply the best! They bring professionalism, fun and dynamic workout to LYS!

Our classes are fun and personable! We are a family run business with so many amazing teachers and members! Our community is vibrant and supportive!

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