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Members Only GYM coming soon!

Intro Offers at LYS for Jan are..

•£50 for 60 Days🔥
•£30 for 30 Days🔥

Offer includes unlimited studio access to all classes!! 29 Classes per week, that are mixture of dynamic to restorative, circuit & fitness classes 🙌🏼

Link in Bio 💯🔥

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Hatha is now heated 🔥

Heated Hatha is every Thursday at 9:30am with the amazing @emmadaltonyoga ⭐️

This class is free for all so if you’ve never been to LYS this is your chance to take class on us!!

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Sit up….for you! ⭐️

Jump up…for you!⭐️

Show up…..for you!⭐️

Only you can give yourself that post workout buzz 💪🏽


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FG60 with the gorgeous goddess @jolyonsy Tuesdays at 10am 💯

FG60 is fun, challenging and funky! It’s the perfect class to give you that yoga high for the rest of the day and aching muscles the next day 🥰😂

Reminder on ✅ join us next week in the Hot room at LYS £7.50 for drop ins 😘

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Steam 💨

HERO is definitely HOT 😂🔥

6:30am Monday mornings ✅

What a way to start the week 💪🏽


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Spin & Strength 🔥🙌🏼💪🏽

What a class! Held in the new strength & conditioning gym at LYS this class is amazing!!!

Taught by @theconfidence_coach_ @danielle.p_pt every Friday at 4pm, if you’ve not tried it….get booked for next week…places are limited…first come served 🥰🙌🏼

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It’s time to release that tension 😊

It feels so good to open our bodies and minds, letting go of what no longer serves us ⭐️

Releasing tension is moving forward, it’s heals and provides space for growth 💪🏽

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It feels good to move your body ⭐️

It feels good to beat the heat ⭐️

It feels good to sweat ⭐️

It feels good to be challenged ⭐️

@herohealthandwellness 🙌🏼

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Jan 3rd, we are open! The gang are ready to make this Jan the best it can be ⭐️

It’s time to literally sweat out the past 2 years and start 2022 fitter, strong in the mind and body and most of all positively and happy!😜

Let’s go! 💪🏽

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It’s time 🙌🏼

Jan is here and it’s time to start the year in the best possible way.

With over 29 classes per week, plus an exclusive members only S&C gym LYS is the perfect place to be.

The LYS 30 Day Challenge starts on Jan 10th ⭐️💪🏽

If you’re looking for a post Xmas push….this is for you!

•Get in Physical Shape
•Get in Mental Shape
•Meet new people

30 Classes - 30 DAYS - 30 opportunities to get fit and healthy this Jan!

Double classes are included so don’t worry if you miss a day!

⭐️FREE to LYS members

£30 for the 30 Days for non members, unlimited studio access!

Let’s do this! 🙌🏼

Link in bio, DM any questions 💭

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The last Hot Hero of 2021 is tonight at 6pm 🔥

Hero will challenge you 💯but it was also inspire you 💪🏽. You’ll leave this intense workout feeling fulfilled and on your best form as every class finishes with a guided meditation 🤩

It’s a busy class and there’s a handful of spaces remaining! 🙏🏻

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Cheers 🥂

We hope you’ve had the most amazing Christmas 🎄. We hope you’ve relaxed, laughed, ate and had lots of fun 🤩

Today we are back open at 6pm so there’s still time to chill out and then get your gym stuff on 🙌🏼

Class 6pm Deep Rooted Stretch with Han 💯

Gym is available to book for 5pm, 6pm, 7pm 💪🏽

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When the, student becomes the teacher & the teacher becomes the student 🙌🏼♥️


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Who’s up for some box & burn tomorrow at 06:30am with the amazing @lexi_rookmma 😍⭐️

The Christmas Holls are approaching so it’s time to get your workouts in 👊🏽

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FG60- Funky & Fierce like our Jo @jolyonsy 🐅♥️

If you’ve not tried this class yet, why not give it a go! Tuesday 10am LYS Hot Room 🤩🙌🏼

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Sunday mornings with our Dan 😍♥️


The last Sunday class of 2021!!❄️🎄

2022 we are coming for you 😘

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How you feeling today? 💭

Are you in need of some you time? 💭

Tomorrow at 9:30am we have FREE yoga with the amazing @emmadaltonyoga

This class welcome all abilities and guarantees a de stress for your body & mind!

You can book your space via our website 🙏🏻♥️


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Yoga & Fitness make me feel good 😊

Try not to slack this Xmas and make sure your getting your practice and workouts done 🙏🏻♥️. This way you’ll feel great and enjoy the festivities and all it’s indulgence guilt free 🤩

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Lisa’s in the house tonight 😍

On reception tonight is our amazing Lisa 🙌🏼

If you are visiting us for the first time tonight, Lisa will be there to help you find your way 🙏🏻

Happy Wednesday Everyone! ⭐️

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Happy Monday ⭐️

Let’s start the week with smiles, fun & laughter ♥️


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What can you find at Liverpool Yoga Studios & LYS OnLine

  • Beginner Friendly HOT Yoga
  • Intense & Dynamic HOT Yoga
  • HOT Circuit Classes
  • HOT Strength & Conditioning
  • HOT Boxing Circuits (coming October 2021)
  • Pilates
  • NonHot Weekend Yoga
  • Restorative HOT Yoga
  • HOT Spin Classes
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Members Only GYM COMING OCTOBER 2021
  • Personal Trainers

Who should try our classes

Absolutely everyone!!

Our classes welcome everyone and we truly mean that!

LYS  is designed for all ages and all abilities. Our teaching community is full of experience and they welcome beginners and seasoned yogi’s alike into their classes. Our community at LYS is welcoming and encouraging, you will never feel anxious or intimated within our space! LYS is a hub of wellness and community that embraces each and every member! Our Fitness team are simply the best! They bring professionalism, fun and dynamic workout to LYS!

Our classes are fun and personable! We are a family run business with so many amazing teachers and members! Our community is vibrant and supportive!

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