Liverpool's largest, most diverse yoga space.

About LYS

Two studios under one roof, offering fun and fitness for the whole family.

Formerly Shakti Studios and Bikram Yoga Liverpool, both have now combined to form Liverpool Yoga Studios. The two have always been sister studios based under one roof. Now the spaces – one a dedicated, state-of-the-art heated studio and the other a traditional (non-heated) studio – can be accessed with one monthly membership fee.

Liverpool Yoga Studios is a family run organisation. Creators Estelle Cartlidge and Michael McCluskie believe that yoga, fitness and all round wellness should be accessible to all, regardless of age and ability. They offer the best in yoga, fitness and other wellbeing services to adults, children and children with additional needs. Pure Intentions, the charitable arm of Liverpool Yoga Studios, ensures that these services are available to a diverse demographic.

We have come a long way since our doors first opened back in 2012. Our yoga family is ever growing and we would be delighted to welcome you.



Your body can do more than you think. Don't let your mind hold you back..


Build strength. Increase flexibility. Improve stamina. Free your body.


Yoga works on the emotional as well as the physical. Free your mind. .


Beck Yoga – What Liverpool Yoga Studios means to me

Apr, 3, 2019

 remember the first day I attended Liverpool yoga studios as a Student; having no knowledge at this time what a huge impact this place would have on my life and help…


Beginners Yoga Course April!

Apr, 3, 2019

DATE: Monday –Thursday / 15th April to 29th April  TIME: 06:30-07:45 COST: £60  LOCATION: Liverpool Yoga Studios  WHY A BEGINNERS COURSE?  This is a yoga course for beginners to learn the…


Total Spine Backward Bending

Mar, 20, 2019

Total Spine Backward Bending The spine has a tremendous potential for movement and energy: the Hatha Yogis developed a whole science around it. And love them or hate them, backbends are…


Inversions for Everyone with Damien

Mar, 20, 2019

Inversions tend to evoke emotions, some of which can prevent a person from taking their first steps to those postures that appear difficult or almost impossible at times. Satisfy your curiosity…


Membership Benefits just got better!!

Jan, 23, 2019

LIVERPOOL YOGA STUDIOS New Member Benefits 2019 Liverpool Yoga Studios will now be introducing member benefits for our monthly members. At LYS our members are the life blood of our business…


Somatics Workshop-Fingertips to shoulder tops

14:00 - 17:00, May 11, 2019 - May 11, 2019, Liverpool Yoga Studios, Great Crosshall St, Liverpool, L3 2AP

This is a wonderfully unique workshop that brings focus to an (arguably) more neglected part of our body, the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulder. Did you know that one third of…