Protruding Belly Somatics Workshop with Synergy Somatics

2pm - 5.30pm, February 9, 2019 - February 9, 2019, Liverpool Yoga Studios

Do you ever feel like that regardless of how you work, your abdominal muscles just don’t seem to pull your stomach into the position they should be in.
Do you feel like your lower back has a deep arch that causes a lot of tension and lower back pain? It is likely that your lower back muscles are over contracted which forces them forward and consequently, where do your abdominal muscles go? that’s right…forward too, so all the sucking in of the belly and sit ups in the world will not correct your posture until you learn to release the tension in your lower back.

This is a Somatic workshop on being able to control the muscles in the centre so that you have greater control over your centre of gravity, your posture and your core muscles.

This will allow better digestion, improved breathing and a better sense of yourself.

Fee; £35

Tickets available below.