Love Your Self 2018 by Estelle

 LYS – Love Your Self
 Happy new year from me Estelle and my amazing team at Liverpool yoga studios, 2017 was a huge year of expansion for me personally and I could not be more proud of LYS as it has grown year by year to its own unique entity like no other, it is a place where anything is possible and everyone is welcome whether yoga is your calling or fitness is your need we provide a space for you to get what you want while taking a journey with yourself.
 Our aim at Liverpool yoga studios is for every person to come through the doors and feel welcome and part of our community and we want each student to leave with a little more love for themselves. Our mantra at Liverpool yoga studios is Love Your Self and that is exactly what 2018 is all about, finding true love for yourself because you are amazing ⭐️
 In order to find a deep love for Yourself it is beneficial to reflect on the year before us but we must also to the look to the year behind. Are we holding ourselves back? What is our inner dialogue? Would we talk to others like we talk to ourselves? Is it time to set up a new framework? a love yourself framework one where you believe in yourself, you tell yourself how amazing you are everyday and then eventually you start to believe it, I think yes :0) so let’s take 11 steps to love ourselves!
11 steps to love yourself
1) Be grateful for the missed opportunities and mistakes they have got you to 2018 and made you who are “if you never failed you never tried anything new” so be grateful for you creativity and uniqueness.
2)Let go of anything that does not serve you ????what is the point of carrying a heavy back pack that does not have any thing you need it will just lower your energy, and when we feel tired we become critical so we have to raise our vibration
3)Raise your vibration, every time we do a yoga or fitness class we raise our vibration which then increases endorphin’s, we feel amazing and this cultivates love for yourself.
4)Set up a love yourself schedule, times and days when you can come to practice but also a daily routine that helps you to connect with yourself, my practice is when I wake up in the morning and I always find I am more confident, awake and ready for the day.
5)Tell yourself you love yourself every day, someday’s you might not believe it but the more you say it the more it will become an internal deep love for yourself, I am not saying it will be easy we all struggle with it that why we have to try :0)
6)Be kind, there is nothing more rewarding than doing something kind for people it can be the littlest deed but it will raise the love for yourself and the person who is receiving the kindness (please note always be kind to teachers as it has been known that they work you harder otherwise :0)
7)Don’t take yourself to seriously, none of us our perfect we all make mistakes laugh at them I had turned up at yoga class more than once an hour later because I got the times mixed up, laughing at yourself is the best cure for the mistake.
8)Don’t strive to be the best, we are amazing and gorgeous in our own way, just because someone is amazing at one thing does not mean they are amazing at everything
9)Don’t compare yourself to others we all have our own super powers, and when we can connect instead of compare we can fuel our superpowers together!
10)Don’t be scared to try something new, we all have to start somewhere and new classes and experiences help us to explore and love ourselves, after years of a solo yoga practice I now incorporate spin and weights and this has now strengthened my yoga practice so adding new things to your schedule definitely helps.
11)There are no excuses, don’t try to run away from yourself saying you have to much work or you have to clean the house, what’s the point of all that if you are not looking after you, if you don’t love yourself? The more you love yourself the better employee you will be the better family member because the more that you can devote to yourself will directly increase the more you can give to others.

I wish you all so much love and look in 2018 and I look forward to getting back in the hot room this year to teach a class and connect with you all around the studio. Remember love yourself Love & light Estelle x

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