New to Yoga

Yoga for Beginners

At Liverpool Yoga Studios we welcome all ages and abilities!

The biggest misconception when it comes to Yoga is that you need to be ‘flexible’ and that you can be ‘good’ at it!

Yoga is not about being flexible, it is about looking after your body mind body and soul. The key to yoga is within your approach.

  •  Approach every class with a huge well done to you for making it, then that’s a great start!
  • Next if you concentrate only on yourself, your breath and your body movement, pretend there is no body in the room except you.
  • Listen to the teacher.
  • Listen to your body, remember what we said about not having to be flexible! Well it’s important here! Listen to what your body is telling you, never force a posture, there are no prizes for best posture at the end of class!
  • Breathe, Breathe and Breathe
  • At the end of class, stay in Savasana for as long as you can, to allow your body to reap the rewards.
  • Be proud of yourself, you have achieved something today!
  • Leave with a Smile!
  • Liverpool Yoga Studios represents Loving Your Self!

Classes Suitable for Beginners

The majority of classes at LYS are suitable for beginners but here are a couple which are the perfect place to start!

Recommended Classes for Beginners

Yin and Breathe in Yin

Yin yoga is a restorative practice which is all mat based.

Yin focuses on not pushing to hard and finding the ‘just right’ stretch for each posture.

This is a calming and slow class which is perfect for beginners whom are looking to destress the mind and look after the body.


Bikram yoga is certainly not for the faint hearted however it is a great class to start as a beginner.

Bikram is a highly disciplined practice which comprises of 26 postures repeated twice.

This class is suitable for beginners who are looking to destress their minds who may find it hard to switch off. This class also has amazing body toning capabilities.

Fierce Grace Series

Similar to Bikram above Fierce Grace was created by Bikram Yogas top pupil Michelle Pernetta.

FG as you will hear it referred to around the studio is a series of classes, all of which are suitable for beginners.

Each Class has a different routine, each with their own amazing benefits.

FG has a more relaxed approach than Bikram but can be as equally rewarding!

This class is suitable for beginners who are looking to destress, try exciting yoga poses and tone up the body!

Heated Hatha, Gentle Hatha & Sivananda Yoga

The Hatha series at the studio are an amazing place for beginners to start.

These classes are set a pace that welcomes all and they truly provide a great foundation for your yoga journey.

These classes are suitable for all beginners, with any motive to start yoga!

Deep Rooted Stretch

Deep Rooted Stretch is the happy medium between yin and a little yang.

With our very own Hannah D’s class this class will provide those who attend with an amazingly restorative experience!

This class is suitable for all beginners, with any motive for starting yoga.

  • Hot Yin

    Wednesday 10am

  • Yin

    Tuesday 6.30pm

  • Bikram

    Tuesday 6.00pm

  • Bikram

    Thursday 7.15pm

  • Fierce Grace

    Tues 6.30am

  • Fierce Grace

    Sunday 5pm

  • Heated Hatha

    Tuesdays 8.15pm

  • Gentle Hatha

    Saturday 8am

  • Deep Rooted Stretch

    Mondays 7pm

  • Sivananda Hatha

    Thursday 6.30pm

Beginners Yoga Course

DATE: Monday –Thursday / 15th April to 29th April

TIME: 06:30-07:45

COST: £60

LOCATION: Liverpool Yoga Studios


This is a yoga course for beginners to learn the foundations of yoga. Starting yoga can be an intimidating thing to do when you go to an open class, you can spend the whole time looking at the other students and comparing yourself or feeling like you’re not good enough to be in the class, we’ve all been there. A beginners course is such a good place to start so you can receive personal attention and learn everything at a slow pace.


We will be focusing on the foundations of yoga, asana (postures) and a basic sequence. We will cover alignment of postures to find what works for your body, as the best thing about yoga is that there is always a variation for every person. Pranayama (breathing) is also an important part of our yoga practice, so we will cover the basic breathing techniques that we use in classes.


Starting your own yoga practice will help build strength and functional movement in your body. Yoga also helps to focus and calm the mind. I have found that anxiety and stress has been dramatically reduced since starting yoga practice. The things we learn on the mat can be transferred into the outside world

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