Synergy Somatics is open for business!

Here’s the latest from April at Synergy Somatics!

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It’s been quiet over here at Synergy Somatics … since we went in to lock down I have been a full time mum and taking advantage of the time to do this while my Partner still worked. Balance and structure is slowly being restored and as the future seems to be slowly unfolding and showing us what we can expect, 121 work is looking unlikely for a good few months- so I am setting up a virtual clinic. It will do a lot of what a normal clinical session would, by without the hands on approach. In this climate I have found most people have contacted me regarding breathing and stress management- unsurprisingly- so if you feel you need some Somatic movement to aide you through the next phase of 2020 then I am here for you. But I am also servicing all your usual Somatic needs, achey backs, neck pain, shoulder and hip injuries.. the list goes on. Please contact me for more information or appointment availability. Keep moving and keep moving forward #synergysomatics #movement #breath #reatoremusclefunction

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